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A Flavor for Every Cookie Dough Lover

CDB Cheescake

Happy Friday, everybody! Soon enough, the work week will be over and make way for the upcoming weekend – which is plenty reason to celebrate. Kick off the weekend with our newest recipe – Cookie Dough Bites Cheesecake! Once you have a bite, you won’t be able to get enough! Try out our recipe today!


Vanilla Ice Cream CDB & Mango

Treat yourself to a decadent vanilla ice cream with Cookie Dough Bites and mango.

Chocolate Flourless CDB Cake

Are you a chocolate lover? If so, this should fulfill your chocolate cravings!

CDB Snickerdoodle Sandwich

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Here is the latest recipe we like to eat for our sweet tooth cravings.

CDB Macaroon Bars

Hello everyone! We have just created an awesome recipe for Cookie Dough Bites macaroon bars and they are AMAZING! Try out our recipe. We hope you enjoy it!

CDB Pancakes

Are you ready for a sweet kick in your morning start?

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